September 9, 2012

Sell It Like You Are The First Lady

Michelle Obama aka FLOTUS made a speech at the Democratic National Convention. If you want to study how to sell yourself, someone you love or what you create, take notes on how she does it. Her speech included personal touches, stories of her past, President Obama's past and how they met. She notes their family values, what family means to them and what it has meant to be the "First Family". She did it in a way that made you want to stand up and clap with the live audience.

photo credit: Getty Images

How can you take what she did to earn your trust and turn it into sales, views, and confidence in your product. Look to your words. Do they tell a story? Are you making a connection to your readers, to your customers? Do they know there is love, sweat and perhaps sacrifice behind your work?

Watch Michelle's speech here and even if you weren't planning to vote Obama you can feel the pull and passion she creates that makes you think twice about who to vote for. That is what you want when someone comes to your site. You want your readers - customers, to stick around, wonder if what you are selling is what they need and continue looking. You want them to see-know-read-feel that you are the person and creative genius they have been looking for.

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