September 9, 2012

Being A Content Warrior

Content Content Content and more Content. Get Some and Keep it Flowing.
One of the constants of starting a website, blog or online shop and maintaining newness while driving traffic is to have content. You need good, true to you content. Substance and quality of word with photography that makes you proud. You have to edit, be honest about the finished product and then edit again.
Where do you get your content? How can you make it consistent and true to who you are, your message and brand?
Starting this site with new and interesting content, filling pages with what I believe in, can feel overwhelming at first. I hesitate or procrastinate for a minute then start to write. One important thing to remember when you are looking for that next thing to post - keep your desk clear. Clean it off of all the books, magazines or other websites that you follow. Why? When you want YOU to shine through in your content, products and item listings you won't want to be influenced by what others have written. Whether you are starting a food blog, etsy shop, or complete website with shopping carts and contact pages you have to be a content warrior. A Warrior with a voice, your voice, that is unique to you.
So, get to writing and taking excellent photos. Edit what you have.
USE SPELL CHECK (I often forget that step myself) and have fun with it.
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